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Charm Resort Ho Tram holds a sea festival

More than 4,000 guests at the event experienced many activities such as street carnival, art henna painting, jetski, kite flying, food enjoyment…

At Charm Resort Ho Tram, the Charm Summerfest beach festival was held on the occasion of the Hung Kings Anniversary (April 9-10). A lot of activities were organized, bringing a variety of experiences to the attendees.

On the evening of April 9, Charm Resort Ho Tram has a music festival and fireworks display. The program was invested in a monumental and vibrant event, bringing together famous artists such as singers Isaac, Van Mai Huong, Thanh Duy, Nguyen Phi Hung, Ha Thanh Xuan FireBand, DJ DA, Duc Pham and dance troupes.

According to a representative of Charm Resort Ho Tram, spectators and tourists staying on the roads along the Ho Tram and Binh Chau strips came to enjoy the event, creating a bustling atmosphere. It is known that this festival has attracted more than 4,000 attendees, with more than 3,000 visitors on April 9 alone.

A representative of Charm Group said that from January 2021 up to now, the group has continuously organized a series of events attracting thousands of tourists to visit and experience at Charm Resort Ho Tram such as the festival “Conquering the Earth” sky – enjoy the most beautiful beach in Ho Tram” (paragliding experience with Japanese experts), Summer Call festival, Vietnamese New Year 2022, Sale Gallery opening week with many activities such as Rock Band & Boom Beer festival , kite festival, dance party, exciting music festival The Charm Show,….

According to information from Charm Group, festivals like Charm Summerfest will be one of the series of activities held annually, in addition to other impressive events. This is how Charm Group accompanies Ho Tram to create a playground and experience for visitors, both having a relaxing space and having many exciting activities. In which, Charm Resort Ho Tram will become a venue for events, giving visitors the difference of a “second home” in the future.

A representative of Charm Group said that the strong investment in a series of large-scale events and festivals shows the enthusiasm of this business in creating Charm Resort Ho Tram to become a symbol of relaxation – entertainment – The region’s leading international standard health treatment.

To realize this ambition, the group recently continued to acquire land fund, increasing the scale of the complex from 40 hectares to 50 hectares. At the same time, increase the length of the coastline from 3km to 4km.