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Construction Bidding Consultancy

Construction bidding determines to select contractors matching with the requirements of the project tender packages.

Before bidding, project managers, investors and bidding consultants should consider how to separate project packages properly. In case the project has one main package, the main contractor will be responsible for bidding consulting, construction managing and construction warranting on behalf of investor.

Tư vấn đấu thầu Nhà máy sản xuất thiết bị điện cầm tay Wahl Clipper
Bidding consultancy for Wahl Clipper Vietnam Factory

If the project requires urgent progress, it will normally be necessary to separate the back filling, piling, foundation, and structure frame to perform first, then the finishing, M&E and interior packages will be done later. By that way, the selection of contractors will be more professional, the prices of the tender packages are more competitive, but the project managing during construction time, the defining the responsibility for warranty and construction maintenance will be more complex.

Next steps of dividing bidding packages of construction bidding consultancy are:

1. Preparation for selection of contractors, including:

a/ Compile bidding dossiers.

b/ Appraise and approve of bidding dossiers.

2. Selecting contractors, including:

a/ Bidding invitation;

b/ Issue, amend and clarify bidding invitation dossiers.

c/ Prepare, submit, receive, manage, modify or bidding withdraw.

d/ Open bid.

3. Evaluating bids, including:

a/ Examine and evaluate the validity of bids.

b/ Detailed evaluations of bidding submission documents of each bidder.

c/ Rank bidders.

4. Negotiating with top ranked bidders.

5. Suggesting, appraising, approving and publishing the result of the bidding.

6. Completing and signing the contract with the bidding winner.

In those above steps, the bid method selection, bidding invitation and bidding evaluation are very important. If bidding consultant wants the construction bidding dossier adapting with the type of works, project scale and real conditions of contractor in the localities; they should discuss with the owner about important tasks, especially standards in the bidding documents.

Many bidding documents of small and simple packages have so high requirements that there is no winner of the bidding, then the project manager has to re-bid. In contrast, large scale projects sometimes has simple criteria, so that contractor lacking technical and financial ability wins the bidding. As a result, this contractor will not ensure the technical and schedule of construction.

Tư vấn đấu thầu Ngầm hóa hệ thống cáp quang của SCTV và điện lực TP.HCM 
Bidding consultancy for SCTV underground cable systems in Ho Chi Minh city

The bidding consultancy is complicated and sensitive not only with the construction industry but also with the others fields. So the bidding consultant must has not only enough knowledge to ensure legality and equity throughout the bidding process but also has practiced experiences. The bidding consultant must base on the capacity, experience and relationships of participating contractors to select the most suitable contractor for the project.

With experienced bidding consultants, Song Nam can help owner to select the right contractors for the project as required.

Typical projects that SOng Nam has provided bidding consultancy services:

Bidding consultancy for construction package of Wahl Clipper Vietnam Factory, 2 ha in Long Hau IP, Long An province. Owner: Wahl Clipper (USA).

* Bidding consultancy for construction packages of SCTV underground cable systems in Ho Chi Minh city.

Bidding consultancy for construction package of Warehouse of SPC in Hiep Phuoc IP, Nha Be district, Ho Chi Minh city. 

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