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High-rise Building Structure Design Consultancy

In detailed design stage, structural engineer is the most stressful and responsible job. The architects can use their creative ideas but the structural design engineers must work with complex numbers and spreadsheets to produce accurate results.

The first job of high-rise building structure design consultancy is to choose a suitable bearing system for the structure to design: frame structure design, frame and shearwall structure design, cylinder structure design,… Bearing structural system, core positions of elevator ans staircases will greatly affect the architectural plans what sometimes makes a lots inconsistency between architects and structural engineers. Then, they must spend a lot of time to unify their opinions.

The symmetrical bearing structural system evenly distributing pressure on structural components will take full advantage of the structure material’s bearing capacity.  It can help not only increase the safety factor of the basic loads but also the ability re-distribute internal forces safely under special active forces such as wind, earthquake, fire…

The structural design engineer who has responsibility and talent will not only ensure safety for the structure, but also save the cost of project. By choosing the structure design solutions, they can select concrete grade, tensile steel strength, foundation types and basement construction method. Different methods can make the cost oscillate several tens to hundreds of millions USD for a complex high-rise building project.

More and more high-rise buildings have been built in the city center where the soil is sand-clay base. There are many possible solutions for structure system, especially the underground structure system that the design engineer should consider. And all the things structural design engineer has to do are calculating all feasible options and choosing the most economical option.

Structural design consultancy must be under a very high pressure on time. Immediately after the architectural design concept is approved, structural engineer starts to calculate. The load is entered from the roof to foundation. Sometimes while the architect is deciding the functions of each area, the contractor requires pile construction drawings to start driving trial pile then driving mass piles, to shorten the time.

The structural design engineer is “competing for the future” with the architectural design work and working at the same time with building site in top-down construction stage. So it can be said that the structural design work is a stressful job.

With the structural engineers graduated from well known universities in Vietnam and abroad, Song Nam has done structural designs, site supervisions for a lot of high rise buildings such as Xi Grand Court complex, City Gate Towers, IJC Aroma, Vinafood II, FPT University, Cat Lai apartment buildings, Military apartment buildings … We always find out the best solutions with resonable costs and construction duration for the project.

Some projects Song Nam carried out:

– FPT University Ho Chi Minh City: Having 22,540 m2 area located in the High-Tech Park – District 9 and invested by FPT Corporation, the school can hold over 10,000 students.

– Complex building Xi Grand Court(4 blocks, 30 floors + 2 basements): was built at 90A Ly ThuongKiet Ward 14 District 10, invested by PhuThuan Son (Sacombank) with total investment of 2200 billion, the building is the apartment complex of offices, apartments for rent and condominium with total floor area 153,000 m2.

– City Gate Towers (7 blocks + 2 basements): City Gate Towers is located at Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, District 8, invested by Hung Thanh (NNB) with total investment about 1200 billions dong.

– IJC Aroma Apartment Building (4 blocks of 20 floors + 1 block of 3 floors): IJC Aroma having trade center and smart apartments was built in Binh Duong New City by Becamex IJC. VND 1,000 billion.

– Vinafood II (13 floors + 2 basements): The office is located at 333 Tran Hung Dao Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, invested by the Southern Food Corporation with the total investment of VND 97 billion.

– Headquarter of Southern Academy for water resources(15 floors + 2 basements): The head office is located at 2A Nguyen Bieu, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City with the total floor area over​​20,000 m2, invested total investment of 200 billion VND.

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