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6.1 Fair, non discrimination

Every employee is

All employees are employed, assigned, evaluated equally regardless of gender, age, region, university, just based on criteria that complying with the job, characters, abilities, experience and contribution through working efficiency.

6.2 Assessment of the effectiveness of the month

Monthly Song Nam evaluates and ranks the performance of each employee on duty and assigned goals. Criteria for evaluating are public and transparent.

6.3  Increase salary annually

In addition to salary increasing due to promotions, Song Nam increases salary annually for staff in a mid-year based on monthly working efficiency.

6.4 Year Award

Căn cứ vào kết quả công việc, công ty thưởng Tết cho nhân viên vào dịp cuối năm. Các nhân viên xuất sắc của các bộ phận được công ty khen thưởng đặc biệt (du lịch nước ngoài, thăng tiến).

Based on the results of working efficiency, Song Nam awards employees at the end of the year. The most excellent staff of the department is particularly awarded (foreign travel, promotion).

6.5 Tourist

Song Nam has annual tourist for all employees and their relatives at company’s birthday (9/9).

6.6 Insurance and Welfare

Song Nam fulfills the insurance and benefits under the provisions of the goverment as:

* Social Insurance.

* Health insurance.

* Unemployment Insurance.

* Accident Insurance.

* Professional Liability Insurance.

6.7 Regular Training  

Song Nam has created and developed a learning environment and exchanging the skills of the intellectual life by the weekly topics from communication skills, thinking and application of psychology to courses professional design, project management, construction … It has been from these seminars together we understand more and more and develop together.

6.8 Song Nam Union

Union Song Nam is a local union of District 1 Labor Union. Apart from the welfare policies of the company, the Song Nam union members are also supported from many union activities after work.