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MEP Design Consultancy

Song Nam MEP design consultant department has provided design services of M&E systems of many kinds of projects such as highrise buildings, industrial factories, new residential areas, luxury hotels, 5-star resorts, golf courses, hospitals, schools …

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumping design consultancy for construction projects

For large scale projects, MEP engineers must join in from the beginning stage to calculate capacities and arrange the systems of electric, water supply, drainage, water tanks, fire protection … from architectual concept designs. These jobs help architects to create good concepts with real engineering systems, and avoid changing the design because of lacking spaces for MEP systems.

Tư vấn thiết kế cơ điện Tòa nhà Tập đoàn Than khoáng sản Việt Nam

Design development of MEP systems mainly includes following systems:

Electrical design consultancy: electric lighting, socket, switch

  • Ligh electrical design consultancy: camera, TV, telephone, internet, speaker, BMS
  • Engineering design consultancy of lightning and earthing system
  • Engineering design consultancy of water supply system, fire fighting system
  • Engineering design consultancy of storm water system
  • Engineering design consultancy of waste water system
  • Engineering design consultancy of ACMV systems

The more special functions the project has, the more professional the engineers are. For example, the requirements of cleanness of rooms for food manufacture or medicine, hospital are very high. And to deal with luxury hotels, resorts, M&E design engineers are not only good at engineering calcultions, but also are experts on shapes, styles,aesthetic, smart and modern functions of current available M&E products.

Tư vấn thiết kế hệ thống cơ điện lạnh công trình

Design engineers also need to pay attensions on the resistance and long life of MEP equipments, because this issue affects directly to the owners of the project when using these equipments everyday after finishing the construction. All engineers from design to construction supervision stages must explain and convince the owner and contractors not alow to use under standard products.

Usually, the more high class the MEP equipment is installed, the more luxury and resistant the project is. However, another more important issue of MEP system is the compatibility. If the MEP systems are designed and installed compatiablely, the using effect is high with reasonable cost of power consumption.

Contact Design Consultant:

Gemini Project Developer Company Limited

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  • Hotline: 0769 861 168
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