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Optimizing Design Consultancy for reasonable construction costs

The design fee is just about a few percents of the construction cost. So if caring so much of selecting the cheapest consultant fee for non-experience designers, the investor may spend much more than expected for construction costs or operation costs.

The most important thing of construction design consultancy is to carry out the best solution: complying codes and standards, feasible and saving construction cost technically. It must be the most useful area layout, saving energy materials, the most compatible structuiral frame, the cheapest foundation solution. It must be also designed with updated technologies and smart equipments with full ultilities and reasonable prices.

Tư vấn thiết kế kết cấu tổ hợp cao ốc Xi Grand Court
Good foundation solution of Xi Grand Court project saves more than 10 Millions USD

For large scale housing projects, for instance, increasing 1% of usefull areas can help investor get more than few millions USD; good calculation and selection of feasible mat or pressing piling foundations can help the investor save tens of million USD; an architecture design with natural vetilation and sun lighting of factory or commercial center can help investor not only obtain sustainable/green certificates but also save the construction cost and operating cost.

So, to select a design consultant for a project, the owner should not care so much about the design consultancy fees. He should select the one that can carry out the best solution for the project with lowest construction cost and operation.

Song Nam is one of the best construction consultant in Ho Chi Minh city with experienced team in designing highrise buildings and industrial factory. We always carry out the best solutions for the project with reasonable construction cost.

Contact Design Consultant:

Gemini Project Developer Company Limited

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