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The trend of owning beach villas of the elite

Private location, unique design, diverse services are the factors for beach villas to attract the rich.

Healthcare is being assessed as a prominent resort travel trend in 2022. According to American Express, 76% of respondents want to spend more on travel to improve their health, 55% are willing to spend more on travel to improve their health. pay extra for healthcare on future vacations. According to the GWI report, healthcare tourists are often richer, more educated and more traveled.

For the rich, the trips will not only be sightseeing but also enjoy the maximum need for relaxation, combining care, health improvement, and energy regeneration. Therefore, they are willing to spend more money on service experiences and amenities worthy of physical and mental health. In addition, instead of long trips as before, they prioritize short trips on weekends in a convenient location.

Especially in the peak tourist season, owners of resort villas by the sea can also enjoy a private space without having to “crowd” to book rooms or incur additional costs. Therefore, villas by the sea become the preferred resort choice of the elite.

According to the latest report by Knight Frank, the global super-rich population will increase by 28% between 2021-2026. In Vietnam, the growth of the super-rich is expected to be 26%, similar to Hong Kong and Taiwan. The number of people with assets over 30 million USD (about 680 billion VND) in our country will exceed 1,500 by 2026.

In particular, luxury real estate has always been an area of ​​interest, with an average of nearly two-thirds of the wealth of the super-rich being allocated to real estate. In particular, nearly a third of total assets are located in the main house and the second house. The potential for high-end apartment prices has exceeded 10,000 USD per m2 in 2021.

Therefore, beach villas with a prime location, unique design, diverse services at tourist destinations become an expensive choice to affirm the style of the elite. In particular, this class is willing to spend heavily to own beach villas operated by international management brands, with luxurious services and personalized experiences.